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June 28, 2012
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Natsu X Lucy fanfic

Chapter 1: The story begins

Magnolia, October, early evening

Natsu is running home to his girlfriend, Lucy Heartfilia, at her apartment, it's been an entire month since the Grand Magic Games ended and an entire month since the two started officially dating. "Damn it! I'm late for our date, she is cooking dinner for us and she wants it to be a surprise, then she is going to finally read me her novel" thought Natsu. Natsu turned a corner and accidently ran right into a familiar face. "Ugh, god damn it, who the hell moaned Nail. Nail is Natsu's older brother, he had been adopted after he and Natsu's real parents were killed by the Imperials and he was only 2 years old carrying his 3 day old brother to safety. He was found at age 4 by the rebel army against the Imperial Army of Fiore, when they saw hem escaping from Imperial Guards after he was seen stealing an apple from one of the stands in the market. The rebels were impressed by the boy's use of parkour in escaping the guards and decided to take him to their leader, Will, who adopted him and taught him how to use the essence of human energy as attacks, Lightning magic, and Jeet Kune Do. He first meet Natsu when the rebels captured Team Natsu thinking that they were imperial spies, he was 20 years old and Natsu was 18 and at first Nail viewed Natsu as a brainless idiot who need discipline, Lucy as a bimbo because she flashed him trying to get her on his good side, he absolutely hated Gray because he approached his father in his throne room in his boxers, Erza he liked because she was the only sane member, but as time went on he eventually learned to accept Natsu as his blood related brother. Oh Natsu it's you. Hey bro, what are you doing out here this late, asked Natsu? Well I was going home to see Mirajane and my son when you knocked into me said Nail. Natsu grinned and said, heh sorry about that bro. Nail smirked and rubbed his little brothers head, your still a weakling, little brother. Oh will you come off it Nail, your still upset because I beat you in an arm wrestling contest. THAT WAS ONE TIME, AND IT WAS ONLY BECAUSE MIRAJANE WENT INTO LABOR!!!! Screamed Nail. Ok, ok whatever makes you happy, tell Mirajane and little Ryu that I said hello. Will do, by the way whatever happened to Happy. Oh he, started going on missions with Ken and Lisanna replied Natsu (Ken is Lucy's little brother whos backstory will be dedicated in another fanfiction)
(cut to the island from Lost)

Lisanna and Ken are standing facing the jungles with happy on Ken's shoulder they are shipwrecked. About a minute later Ken looks at Lisanna and says "well this sucks."

(cut back to the streets of Magnolia)

Well good for him said Nail. Oh shit im late for Lucy! See you later bro yelled Natsu

Chapter 2: Lucy's anger and Natsu's love

Natsu opened the window to Lucy's apartment and shouted "hey Luce, im here!" a frying pan came flying at him and he quickly dodged it. "oh Lucy im sor-" but before he could finish, Lucy cut him off. Damn it Natsu this is the second time you have been late for a date she shouted! But im only 10 minutes late. Your 20 minutes late, this was supposed to be special, now its ruined. Tears started to swell in her eyes. Its getting to be winter and she is still wearing that sexy two piece thought Natsu off topic. Hey Lucy its ok, we can still eat it said Natsu putting his hands on Lucy's shoulders massaging them. Lucy raised her shoulders in comfort "its j-just I think that you don't think I'm that important to you , i-I just worry." Well Lucy you don't need to worry about anything I'm here said Natsu, he turned Lucy around to face him and pulled her close to his chest. He smiled "I love you." Lucy smiled her trademark smile and replied, i love you to Natsu. She moved in and pressed her lips onto Natsu's and he returned the kiss. Promise you'll stay for the night whispered Lucy into Natsu's ear. Anything to make you smile said Natsu grinning. They held hands and walked into the kitchen.

Tune in for Part 2, Lucy and Natsu decied to get a little frisky after dinner. Warning extreame lemon, if it gets taken off deviantart, I wont be surprised.
This is part one, just remember when reading these series, this is not a part of the continuity of Mashima's master piece, its mine. if i sticked by the continuity then it would just be a rip off. so Characters like Nail, Ken, and Orion or my own characters. enjoy and be warned some chapters get very sexual, :) comments will be greatly apprciated

Next part: [link]
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Kieleeits Featured By Owner Apr 17, 2013
The lines of the characters bothers me
TheSteam Featured By Owner Apr 17, 2013
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Kieleeits Featured By Owner May 23, 2013
It should have been like this:
Lucy: Natsu! blablablabla
Natsu: Lucy! blablablabla....
TheSteam Featured By Owner May 25, 2013
ocean19sky Featured By Owner Apr 14, 2013
Screw Romeo and Juliet.
I'm shipping these two love birds! :omg: Its sooooo gooodd :D
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Yeah screw shakesphere lol and thank you so much
dddddddddragneel Featured By Owner Feb 27, 2013
good story
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